FAQ Crypto XII

Do Bitcoin bets and transactions occur on the blockchain?

Only the deposits and withdrawals made at a crypto gambling site occur on the blockchain. Bets and payouts are recorded by the site not on the blockchain.

Do crypto casinos & sportsbooks limit winning accounts?

No this is quite uncommon, as you’re anonymous there’s no way for a site to prevent you from creating a new account to get around a blocked or limited account.

What are the benefits of crypto gambling?

End-to-end crypto gambling sites afford you anonymity and offer better odds as they save on banking and compliance.

What does end-to-end mean?

End-to-end crypto gambling sites refer to a betting/gambling service that utilizes crypto from beginning to end, this includes deposits, balances, bets and withdrawals. All the casinos and sportsbooks on this site are end-to-end crypto.

How quickly are crypto sites’ transactions processed?

Crypto gambling sites ordinarily process withdrawals instantly, but processing times may take up to a maximum of 2 hours.

What are the benefits of gambling anonymously?

Anonymity makes it impossible for crypto gambling sites to limit you for winning too much. It also makes it makes it impossible for a site to sell or misuse your personal information.